Today in Labor History: 12,000 on strike in Texas

On this day in 1938, 12,000 pecan shellers in San Antonio, Texas, went on strike in 400 locations.


Janitors and security guards getting hit in Twin Cities

Negotiators for Twin Cities janitorial contractors and security contractors are seeking deep contract concessions from SEIU Local 26.


Teamsters forced to authorize bus driver strike

The unyielding bargaining stance of a private school bus company forced bus drivers into unanimous strike authorization votes.


Target endangers workers by locking them in at night

"Sometimes I am told to work cleaning the store all night long," said Marco Tulio Perez, who cleans a Twin Cities Target store.


Appeals court reinstates Walker’s entire anti-union law

The ruling in early January disappointed the coalition of seven public worker unions who had challenged Walker's law in court.


Today in Labor History: Court rules workers can be imprisoned without charge

The court ruled that U.S. citizens could be imprisoned without probable cause and denied their right to habeas corpus during a time of "insurrection."


Restaurant workers rising up for justice

When Romualdo Cardoso started working in restaurants 15 years ago he had the American Dream.


New York mayor’s disregard for kids forces strike

Bloomberg's threat to kids' safety while riding school buses forced some 8,000 drivers, mechanics and school bus matrons to strike.


CWA loses union recognition vote at American

The Communications Workers have lost the union recognition vote by the narrow margin of 161 votes out of almost 6,000 cast.


Standoff at grain terminals: workers on the job without contract

All the grain terminals, which handle a huge share of overall U.S. grain trade, are owned by huge multinational corporations, many of them foreign-based.

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