Environment vs. jobs: Bill McKibben's contributions and limits

Bill McKibben plays a vital role in the environmental movement. As an activist, and thinker, his contributions have international significance.


Bear sanctuary saved from eviction

As a result, the 77 workers there will keep their jobs, and the 104 bears living there will continue to have a home.


Australian fires threaten observatory, uncover drug labs

The fires were fueled by a record-breaking, scorching heat wave - caused and worsened by climate change.


Diplomats to gather, address mercury pollution

Mercury pollution, caused by coal-fired power plants, is a growing worldwide problem.


2012 hottest U.S. year ever, warming and wildfires continue

2012 - a year marked by droughts, brushfires, and crop damage, was the hottest year on record for the lower 48 U.S. states.


Australian wildfires burning out of control

One hundred and thirty fires blazed across New South Wales, Australia's most heavily populated state, as emergency teams evacuated national parks and fought to get the flames under control.


Environment in 2013: You can’t fool Mother Nature

There may not yet be the political will in Congress to pass significant climate change legislation. But efforts to address this issue will continue to get strong support from Mother Nature.


Grounded oil rig not yet leaking, investigation underway

The Kulluk drilling rig, owned by oil company Shell ran aground off Alaska after breaking away from tow boats due to near-hurricane condition winds.


Factory farming: Torture with a side of pollution

Most factory farms are controversial enough in the way that animals are handled there.