Workers celebrate victory over Starbucks

Members of the Starbucks Workers Union held demonstrations at branches of the coffee shop giant across Manhattan on Jan. 17, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, as they've done for years. This year, the union had something to celebrate.


Mortgage bankers flee as workers march into meeting

The bankers' summit was interrupted after the workers, who overwhelmed security guards with their sheer numbers, marched into the room, passing stunned bankers.


Unions benefit Asian Pacific American workers

When it comes to wages, health insurance and workplace retirement plans Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) enjoy major benefit advantages if they belong to unions, according to a new report.

NLRB tells states they can't ban card-check unionization

The NLRB declared recently passed amendments to state constitutions banning the card check method of union recognition null and void.


Labor Department drafts rules to protect more health care workers

Obama's Labor Department will likely bring more home healthcare workers under protection of federal minimum wage and overtime laws.

Shop Talk: Freelancers go union, paid family leave a success

Unemployed people lucky enough to find new jobs are making less than they did before and almost 40 percent took a 20 percent cut in pay.

Court stops anti-labor practice at world-renowned Mayo Clinic

The Supreme Court rejected a claim by the famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. that its resident medical graduates were actually students, not employees that work more than 40 hours per week and are entitled to the protection of regular labor laws.



Bitter chocolate: Hershey’s candy closes a plant

Where were your Hershey's kisses made?Chances are, the answer is Mexico, not Hershey, Pennsylvania.


“Thank God for the union”: Labor leads on community aid

With the increased attacks on unions from the right wing, it's more important than ever to note just how much organized labor does for the community.


Internet organizing brings on the ground victory

Laptops might forever replace leaflets as the way people get the word out when they want to form unions at their workplaces.

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