Supermarket workers fight to bag a fair deal

NEW YORK - With a possible strike approaching, thousands of Stop and Shop, Pathmark and King Kullen workers are urging the public to plan to buy their July 4 cookout ingredients elsewhere.


AFL-CIO president issues ringing call for immigrant rights

CLEVELAND - In a major policy statement, AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka said the denial of rights to millions of undocumented workers threatens all Americans.


Global union leaders blast financial greed

VANCOUVER, Canada - As a world congress of the International Trade Union Confederation got under way here Monday, leaders blasted the economic crisis hitting working people.


Co-op City building workers back to work — for now

BRONX, N.Y. - Management called it a strike, the workers called it a lockout - federal mediation is next at the world's largest co-op apartment complex.


No labor peace at Sacramento Airport

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The Board of Supervisors of California's capital city has voted 3-2 to reject "labor harmony" contract language that would have saved 100 union jobs.


No recovery unless we create 11 million jobs, AFL-CIO head warns

CLEVELAND - AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka attacked right-wing efforts to use the federal budget deficit as an excuse to block programs needed to end the economic crisis.


New UAW president vows “social justice” unionism

United Auto Workers' new president, Bob King, pledges to fight for jobs and justice for all Americans.


In English, Chinese and Spanish, low-wage workers demand rights bill

Workers unite across language, race and neighborhood barriers for a Low Wage Workers Bill of Rights.


“Courage and solidarity” wins it for Rio Tinto miners

The recent victory of workers at Rio Tinto's huge mine in the small town of Boron, tucked away in southern California's high desert, is a textbook case of how to win against a giant transnational corporation.


Temple University nurses win jobless pay after lockout

1500 nurses and technical workers at Temple University Hospital went on strike and won. 

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