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Local union hosts Iraqi worker photo exhibit

“You know longies here in L.A. or over there in Iraq are just working stiffs trying to do right by their families,” said Joe Kordich, retired longshore worker with Local 13 of the International Longshore Warehouse Union. “You can see it here in these pictures.'

Dont steal the big box ordinance

CHICAGO — Despite a monthlong million-dollar campaign to scare residents into opposing the “big box” living wage ordinance passed by the City Council July 26, a new poll of Chicago voters shows overwhelming support for the legislation.

Womens groups protest plan to downsize Womens Bureau

Several leading women’s organizations, including the Coalition of Labor Union Women, are vigorously protesting the latest scheme by GOP President George W. Bush and his Labor Secretary Elaine Chao to downsize and outsource much of her department’s Women’s Bureau


Gary teachers win nine-day strike

GARY, Ind. — Meeting at the city’s largest high school on Sept. 1, 1,500 members of American Federation of Teachers Local 4 loudly and unanimously approved a new one-year contract that everyone agreed was a tremendous victory for the union

Latest jobs report: Good for Wall Street, bad for workers

For the last five months, job creation has failed to keep up with demand. But you’d never know that from most news stories.

Need protection from unions? Bush Department of Labor races to rescue

Anyone who feels that getting protection from their employers is taking away their “rights” will be relieved to learn that the United States Department of Labor, George W. Bush in charge, is racing to the rescue.


Class struggle is a fact, not a theory

Is Andy Stern right that class struggle trade unionism is outdated and a leftover from the heyday of industrial unionism? Is he right that corporate globalization is inevitable and all that unions can do is go along to get along? I think not.

EDITORIAL: The power of unity

Today the labor movement has joined with millions of immigrant workers and social justice advocates in a united struggle for labor and human rights.

EDITORIAL: Grim numbers and a chance for change

A couple of economic reports grimly confirm what workers across the U.S. already know from their own experience.


Organizing drives gain momentum: An interview with AFL-CIO Organizing Director Stewart Acuff

WASHINGTON (PAI) — Joint organizing drives involving two or three unions, some of them in notoriously anti-union “right to work” states, will lead to wins for organized labor, says AFL-CIO Organizing Director Stewart Acuff.

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