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Autoworker walks across Ohio for health care

Dave Pavlick took his vacation from his job as a staff representative for the UAW in Cleveland so that he could walk 600 miles across the entire state of Ohio. He stopped at community after community to hold press conferences and talk with regular folks, supporting the Health Care for All Ohioans Act.

Are guaranteed pensions a thing of the past?

What the Republican-controlled federal government couldn’t do with Social Security may have been achieved with pensions, as Congress this month passed the biggest pension law changes in 30 years. The full impact is unclear, but certainly there will be fewer traditional pension plans, more 401(k)-type retirement accounts and a lot of betrayed workers, but companies happy to be able to more easily freeze or terminate pensions.


Day laborers find hope in San Francisco program

SAN FRANCISCO — Early on a chill, gray August morning, men seeking casual jobs pulled their jackets closer as they stood in little groups along the Mission District’s Cesar Chavez Street.


Labors election plan: Turn up the turnout!

“George Bush isn’t on the ballot this November, but his agenda is and the representatives in Congress who have rubber-stamped his priorities are,” AFL-CIO President John Sweeney told reporters at a national press conference Aug. 30.


Katrina profiteering, war on workers

One year after Hurricane Katrina, one thing is clear: the term “masters of deceit” could be accurately applied to the Bush administration for its handling of the Gulf Coast reconstruction. Despite the president’s photo-op appearances in the region on Aug. 29, his promises ring hollow when compared to the facts on the ground

Community supports Hotel Workers Rising

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Over 50 union representatives, ministers, community leaders and local elected officials met here Aug. 9 to begin organizing local support for Unite Here and its Hotel Workers Rising campaign.


Town, migrant workers celebrate diversity

RANTOUL, Ill. — Over a hundred people enjoyed culture and community at the 2nd Annual Rantoul Harvest Festival in this central Illinois town, Aug. 6 — a celebration of the town’s diverse population and its migrant farm worker community.

Utility workers fired up over service cuts

DEARBORN, Mich. — Hundreds of utility workers rallied at their union hall in Dearborn, Mich., Aug. 2 and 3, to protest plans by Michigan utility DTE/Michcon to close more call centers and customer service offices.


Stop Kroger the ogre

“Stop Kroger the ogre” was the chant of nearly 2,000 Teamster members and their supporters, led by International Brotherhood of Teamsters President James Hoffa, at a rally at the Kroger warehouse in Livonia, Mich., Aug. 6.

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