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Needed now: a national retirement security program

An autoworker we know is facing the possible slashing of his General Motors pension, earned in decades of work. Even with the full pension and his Social Security check, this 79-year-old retiree can barely cover his basic monthly bills.

Some warn of anti-teacher agenda on school inequities report

A new report says wide educational achievement gaps hurt our economy and need national attention. But some wonder if the report is being used to advance an anti-teacher-union agenda.


Home child care providers are paid so little, theyre losing homes, cars

LANSING, Mich. — They are 40,000 strong and they feed, clean, and teach Michigan’s young, in their most formative pre-school years. And for doing such an important job, what do they earn? “In Wayne County, we earn $1.66 an hour for each child,” said Daisy Jackson, an American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees organizer from Detroit.

May Day, a great time to discuss labor unity

May Day is a great time to think about labor unity.

AT&T announces $3.2 billion profit, continues stalling in contract talks

CHICAGO - While announcing a $3.2 billion quarterly profit April 22, AT&T officials remained silent about their intransigence in ongoing contract negotiations with the Communications Workers of America union that involve 100,000 workers in the company’s wireline unit. They have been working without a contract since April 4.

Call to action: Nation needs labors mobilized strength, now!

We are now in a time of great opportunity and tremendous danger. The far-reaching, progressive reforms that we’ve fought so hard for are in danger and the anger of the people could be turned in self-destructive directions.

Rally boosts Employee Free Choice, family values, healthy communities

NEW PHILADELPHIA, Ohio — “We are the poster-child for the Employee Free Choice Act! It even said so on the front page of the newspaper,” said United Food and Commercial Workers organizer Tim Mullins, addressing a rally here this past weekend.

Labor unites around new immigrant workers rights initiative

A major breakthrough has occurred in the long running struggle for the rights of immigrant workers and their families. On Tuesday representatives of the AFL-CIO and Change to Win, the country’s major labor union federations, announced agreement on a new legislative plan to achieve immigration reform.


The fight for employee free choice: Alive and well!

“I am here to assure everyone that rumors about the impending death of the Employee Free Choice Act are decidedly premature.” The statement was made by Arlene Holt-Baker, executive vice president of the AFL-CIO, last week, at a gathering of the nation’s civil rights leaders in Washington D.C. The civil rights leaders assembled by the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights added their voices to a growing national chorus of support for the Employee Free Choice Act.

Jerry Springer: Cutting workers loose is unethical, immoral

Jerry Springer is fighting for employees to be able to move from Chicago to Connecticut with his show. Springer is taking on his bosses on behalf of his staff.

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