Labor News

Injuries lead nurses to quit. Union launches drive for state regs

Saying huge numbers of on-the-job injuries from lifting and turning patients causes ever-increasing legions of nurses to quit, American Federation of Teachers’ nurses division launched a drive for state legislation mandating that hospitals install devices to help cut the injury toll — since the institutions won’t install them voluntarily.

Labor law reform in France

More than a million people in France have taken to the streets against their conservative government’s attempts to change the country’s labor law.

Sago survivor home, mine safety battle continues

PITTSBURGH — Randall McCloy, 26, thin and weak, sat inside his Simpson, W.Va., home with his wife and two children for the first time in two months. McCloy survived the worst West Virginia mining disaster in 40 years. His recovery from carbon monoxide poisoning following the Jan. 2 explosion at International Coal Group’s Sago Mine will take months.