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Janitors kick off contract campaign

OAKLAND, Calif. — Janitors represented by Service Employees International Union held coordinated actions around California late last week as they kicked off their campaign to win new union master contracts covering workers in southern and northern California. The current contracts expire April 30.

Good for GM (and Ford), bad for the rest of us

While the future is looking up for General Motors and its high-priced execs, it’s anything but good for workers as the company is moving quickly to slash its labor expenses. General Motors has just told Wall Street analysts it will take advantage of its new cost-cutting labor agreement with the United Auto Workers to reduce its annual U.S. labor costs by $5 billion by 2011.

Kennedy challenges Smithfield, Homeland Security

The firing of workers trying to unionize at the Smithfield meat packing plant in Tar Heel, N.C., has prompted Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) to take aim at the Department of Homeland Security.


Yales hospital: Poster child for union-busting

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Yale-New Haven Hospital (YNHH) is 650 miles from the notorious anti-worker Smithfield Foods livestock processing factory in Tar Heel, N.C. On Smithfield’s killing floors and in New Haven’s healing wards, the workers have something in common. Their employers use illegal, anti-democratic union-busting tactics to deny a voice on the job.


Dr. King showed worker rights are civil rights

Excerpts from the remarks of Roger Toussaint, president of New York City’s Transport Workers Union Local 100, on the occasion of its Martin Luther King Jr. Day commemoration, Jan. 15.

Profits up, but Chrysler cuts

FENTON, Mo. — An autoworker who is a member of the Missouri Legislature says Chrysler’s announcement that it is gutting 1,300 jobs from its South Assembly Plant here has “more to do with the bargaining climate than with the car sales.”

Mine safety could use a little more confrontation

This is a sad time in the mining community, with so many recent tragedies. But it’s not enough to mourn. We also have to act.

Community unites to save Winchester jobs

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — “Winchester belongs in New Haven,” said toolmaker Larry Edwards at a community meeting here where Winchester workers, elected officials and Newhallville neighborhood residents joined forces to try to save over 140 union jobs.


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Fight not over for New Mexico minimum wage bill

As if it were a close basketball game, where one team is ahead by two or three points and is trying to run out the clock to keep the other team from scoring, New Mexico’s Republican state senators in cahoots with three southern Democratic state senators managed to stonewall a minimum wage bill as the Legislature’s session came to a halt exactly at 12 noon on Feb. 16.

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