Labor News

The struggle for the right to organize a union

While 45 percent of U.S. workers express the desire to have a union, only 13 percent have one. Using bold, repressive and mostly illegal methods, corporate America has held new organizing to a tiny trickle as it systematically works to weaken and destroy unions where they exist.

Labor leads coalition to victory over corporate drug lords

CLEVELAND – Back in the year 2000, few people in Ohio believed a prescription drug bill with real benefits could be passed, not with a right-wing controlled State Legislature (some of whom call themselves the “caveman caucus”), an unfriendly governor, a weak Democratic Party and a drug industry ready to spend $16 million to prevent such a bill.

Solidarity with Utah miners

SAN FRANCISCO – In Huntington, Utah, coal miners at Co-Op Mines make $5.25 to $7 an hour, a third of the average wage in the industry.


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Labor brings dream alive in Florida

ORLANDO, Fla. – Inspired by Dr. King’s struggles for civil, voting and workers’ rights, the AFL-CIO brought its annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. celebrations to Florida this crucial election year.

White House pushes deficit to trillions

Just a week after bragging in his State of the Union speech that the economy is on the mend, George W. Bush faced angry charges that his policies have pushed working people deeper in debt to enrich the wealthy elite.