Labor News


Virginia unionists concentrate on beating right-to-work

Amid reports Republicans may be ceding Virginia to Hillary Clinton in the presidential race, unions are focusing on defeating a right to work referendum. 


To November and beyond: #Fightfor15 convention showcases a worker-led movement

Thousands of low-wage workers from across the country convened in the old capital of the Confederacy for the first ever national Fight for $15 meeting.


EPI protests Blue Dog Dems' attempt to replace new overtime pay rule

Conservative House Democrats would dump the DOL's new rule, scheduled to take effect on December 1, that would double the overtime pay threshold.


Tenacious Chicago Reader staff buckles in for arduous negotiations

With alt-weekly newspapers shutting down across the country, unionized Chicago Reader staff seek to buck the trend, negotiate first collective agreement.


Jewish and African-American orgs join fight for California farmworkers

The fight for farmworker overtime is down to the wire in California. Jewish and African American organizations are helping get the last votes for Bill 1066.


Clinton reiterates her opposition to TPP, pledges support for infrastructure

Democratic nominee says as president she will "stop any trade deal that kills jobs or holds down wages, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership."


Calif. grocery workers approve new contract with raises, retirement protections, improved scheduling

"This contract is a victory for our members, and secures their wages, retirement security, and control over their schedules."


Actors union lines up political support for Telemundo organizing drive

NBC-Universal owns Telemundo, but the unorganized actors don't get residuals or health care, guaranteed wage minimums or meal breaks. 


Sofitel hotel workers in L.A. invisible no more

Workers at the tony Sofitel in Beverly Hills are fed up with rampant wage theft, sexual harassment, and unsafe conditions.


At a critical moment, labor’s cause is racial, economic justice

"The names, the hashtags represent real people in our very own community; they have jobs; they work alongside us; they have families; they were our high school classmates."

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