Labor News


Labor expects bold action from Obama tonight on overtime pay

Overtime pay has increasingly moved to the top of labor's agenda because millions of workers are working overtime and not getting paid for it.


Time to close Wall Street’s “Retirement Advice” loophole

Wall Street brokers and financial firms that provide retirement investment advice can drain away thousands of dollars of hard-earned savings from a single retirement account.


Union democracy preserved: Teamster members retain right to vote

This is another step Teamsters members have taken to move their union away from its sordid past and towards a powerful democratic future.


Delta flight attendants file for IAM representation

Nearly 12,000 Delta Air Lines flight attendants have signed authorization cards seeking union representation by the Machinists.


AFT’s Weingarten lays out new models for unions

American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten today laid out a framework for a renewed American labor movement.


Teamsters blast green light allowing Mexican trucks roll nationwide

The Teamsters are blasting an Obama administration Transportation Department green light to let all Mexican trucks roll over every U.S. road.


Attacks on workers expected to follow pattern set in Missouri

"Paycheck deception" legislation, which its right-wing backers disguise as "paycheck protection" is another ALEC/corporate brainstorm.


Seafarers rescue Syrian war refugees in the Mediterranean sea

Continuing what is a Seafarers tradition, the Seafarer-crewed MV Liberty Grace rescued 231 refugees from Syria's civil war.


Nurses union cheers Obama Keystone veto threat

Keystone foes say the pipeline would carry "dirty oil" to the U.S. Gulf Coast refineries at a cost of an unacceptable increase in the gases that cause global warming.


Big business again sues labor board over union election rules

Here we go again. Business groups are suing the National Labor Relations Board over the new union election rules it finalized in December.

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