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May Day marches put immigration reform front & center

CHICAGO — Thousands of immigrant rights advocates marched in cities coast to coast May 1, to honor the most widely celebrated holiday on the planet, International Workers Day. Thousands took to the streets in Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Milwaukee, Denver, Chicago and New York to press for comprehensive immigration reform, a halt to raids and deportations and a path toward legalization for the country’s estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants.


At Haymarket, workers demand EFCA and immigrant rights

CHICAGO – As the skies began clearing here May 1, several hundred enthusiastic labor activists gathered for the annual celebration at the Haymarket Monument to honor the Haymarket martyrs and step up the fight for workers rights. Workers from December’s Republic Windows sit-in and a group of young anarchists also participated.


Hospitals not ready for swine flu

“I can’t honestly say that my hospital is ready to protect the health and safety of our workers during a potential pandemic.” The words were those of a top level administrator at one of the largest suburban hospitals in the New York City area, who spoke with the World, May 4, on condition of anonymity.

Needed now: a national retirement security program

An autoworker we know is facing the possible slashing of his General Motors pension, earned in decades of work. Even with the full pension and his Social Security check, this 79-year-old retiree can barely cover his basic monthly bills.

Some warn of anti-teacher agenda on school inequities report

A new report says wide educational achievement gaps hurt our economy and need national attention. But some wonder if the report is being used to advance an anti-teacher-union agenda.