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In shadow of Disney World, May Day rally demands immigrant rights

In the home of Disney World, hundreds of immigrants rally on May Day to demand the "right to work, right to live and right to stay together."


May Day, a day for international labor solidarity

What made May 1st special was the broad cross section of Michigan labor and faith leaders who proudly celebrated May Day.


May Day returns to Toledo with slam at Red Cross

May Day returned to this industrial city Tuesday as hundreds rallied in front of the municipal Government Center.


New Yorkers join in taking back May Day

The sun was shinning as 10,000 New Yorkers celebrated International Workers Day last Sunday, May 1.


Workers take back May Day

Across the country on May 1, tens of thousands of workers, led by the presidents of the nation's largest unions, reclaimed May Day as an American holiday.


Video: Union thunder in Wisconsin

They came in with a roar. Bringing union thunder on Haley-Davidsons. Motorcycles made in Wisconsin by union workers.


NYC labor movement: Let’s reclaim May Day

"Reclaim the history of May Day for the working class!" That was the message of the April 8 mobilization meeting for the May Day March and Rally that will take place May 1 in Manhattan's Foley Square.


New York May Day reborn

This year, New York's historic May Day celebrations will be reborn with a mass march and rally organized by the labor and immigrant rights movements.