Labor News


Hoffa gets university award, cites labor’s challenges

DETROIT - Teamsters union President James Hoffa, a Detroit native, received the first Wayne State University "Labor Leaders on Labor" award at a ceremony here this month.


If Daddy doesn’t have a job what am I supposed to do?

DETROIT - Sedrick Staten's livelihood is being threatened by privatization efforts of the city schools' emergency financial manager.


Jazz-blues opera brings ‘Forgotten’ labor history to life

In "Forgotten: The Murder at the Ford Rouge Plant," the story of unsung labor hero Lewis Bradford, Methodist minister and union organizer, comes to life in Michigan on March 26.


The guy who delivers your mail takes a labor history tour

 More of us, those who labor for a living, need to understand our roots. Let me grab a beer as I take you on a field trip.


Restaurant workers take fight to the courts

"I work hard, we all work hard, we play by the rules, why can't they?" asked Naome Debebe-Bogale, who was fired just before Christmas.


Autoworkers find little comfort in industry show

Ford's Fusion Hybrid was named "car of the year" by Motor Trend. But the award will bring little comfort to unemployed autoworkers.


Restaurant workers stand up to robbery on the job

DEARBORN, Mich. - On Monday, people were robbed and cheated. If justice ruled, the perpetrator would find the police knocking on his door.

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