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First Energy: Locks out workers, blacks out customers

It was just after sunrise only three days before Thanksgiving, that security guards clamped locks on the gates at FirstEnergy in central Pennsylvania, barring 150 workers from their jobs.


Pennsylvania American Water slapped by NLRB

Pennsylvania American Water, subsidiary of one of the nation's richest utilities, apparently isn't content with letting its executives feed at the ratepayers' trough, the Utility Workers note.


Workers bashed in Pennsylvania

In one of the most extreme cases of worker bashing to balance a budget, the mayor unilaterally cut the wages of city workers to the $7.25 hourly federal minimum.


NLRB: GOP heavy hitter Adelson must bargain with guards’ union

None of the 40,000 workers at any Sands casino are unionized.


Steelworkers: Refinery closings could cause oil shortages in Northeast

The union says oil companies' closure of three big refineries in the Philadelphia area - and a plan to demolish one plant if its owner can't find a buyer - could lead to oil shortages in the Northeast.


Chocolate shakeup: Student guest workers walk out at Hershey’s plant

Students say the strike will continue until Hershey's ends the exploitation of student guest workers and gives living wage local jobs to Pennsylvania's workers.


Philadelphia rally for Wisconsin workers: Everybody needs a union

A dense crowd packed the Thomas Paine Plaza across from City Hall for a lunchtime rally Feb. 24 to support embattled workers in Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio.


Dockers protest Del Monte union-busting

PHILADELPHIA - ILA Local 1291 members and hundreds of supporters protested Del Monte's move to a non-union terminal, slashing jobs and pay.


Penn. labor aims to keep Keystone State blue

"We're everywhere, not just in the east or the western part of the state," said Liz McElroy of the AFL-CIO.

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