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Exploited Uber drivers organize with ATU

Taking matters into their own hands, exploited Uber drivers in NYC decided to improve their jobs and working conditions.


Steelworkers push infrastructure issue in 2016 elections

The USW has taken up the issue of rebuilding the nation's crumbling infrastructure as their central issue in the national elections.


NLRB ruling could strengthen the power of strikes

If the NLRB accepts a recommendation from its own general counsel, the right of workers to strike for better wages and conditions could be greatly strengthened.


Unions announce nationwide boycott of Trump hotels

"While Donald Trump wages an indefensible anti-worker and anti-immigrant presidential campaign, the workers at his Las Vegas hotel are fighting for dignity."


Teamster women take over Hollywood to demand equal pay from University of California

Over the past 20 years, administrative, support and clerical workers have seen the UC system hold down their real wages by nearly 24 percent, the union says.


AFL-CIO Exec. VP Tefere Gebre addresses immigration on two coasts

Do American workers lose out because of immigration? Gebre, himself a refugee, tackled the question at an LA summit on race and at the UN in NY.


Student, faculty unity win, classes begin at Long Island University

"We made a really clear statement that you can't run a university without faculty and without students."


Washington, DC rejects worker-friendly scheduling bill; Seattle passes it

 The measures would make firms give workers at least two weeks' advance notice of their schedules, and make those schedules predictable.


Oreo workers take Nabisco fight global

Mondel─ôz-Nabisco shipped 600 South Chicago jobs out of the country. Now, workers from BCTGM are uniting across borders to fight back.


September 19 Labor Update

Incarcerated workers are still workers; VA healthcare under the gun; CWA solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux; 13 million call Congress to stop TPP; a cup of union tea.

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