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Labor, with unlikely allies, tackles exploitation of high-tech workers

Labor is part of a campaign against the exploitation of foreign workers here on high-tech work visas.


“Next Up” young workers to map strategy in Chicago

Over 1,000 young union members, students, and community activists will meet to map out strategies.


The steal of the century: ending wage theft in our time

It may not be the hottest topic on every to-do list, but the problem is as old as, well, the oldest profession. I'm talking about wage theft.


Progressive think tank backs Obama crackdown on federal contractors

Facing hostility of big business and the GOP, a progressive think-tank went to bat to defend President Obama's cracking down on federal contractors who break labor laws.


Senate GOP votes to kill NLRB union elections rule, Obama promises veto

By a 53-46 party-line vote, the GOP-run Senate voted to kill the NLRB's planned union elections rule update.


Wisconsin GOP continues its “right-to-work” steamroller

Republicans aren't slowing down their steamroller despite widespread opposition that continued this week from all quarters in Wisconsin.


Organizers say it's possible to grow unions in the South

People remember Norma Rae, whose iconic struggle to organize a union at J.P. Stevens in the 1970's in Roanoke, N.C. was the stuff of a major Hollywood movie.


Oakland workers celebrate new minimum wage

On Mar. 2, tens of thousands of Oakland workers will get a pay raise, and thousands more will have paid sick days for the first time.


Restaurant workers picket for fair contract and respect

Some 65 workers at Oaks Corner have been without a contract for two and a half years, and haven't had a raise in eight years. 


Speaking for millions, union leaders declare “it’s our turn”

A group of the nation's top union leaders, looking dead serious, filed silently in and up to the front of the press room at the Westin Hotel in Atlanta.

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