Labor News

Minnesota contractor charged with wage theft

A trucking company owner faces felony "theft by swindle" charges for stealing thousands of dollars in wages from employees.


Greed endangers blood supply say American Red Cross workers

ARC is attempting to make unilateral changes to employee health insurance that mean deductibles and co-pays could raise costs many thousands a year.


Senator unveils pro-labor Rebuild America Act

The bill drew immediate praise from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.


MO unions plan legislative fightback

The Missouri AFL-CIO Labor Legislative Conference provides union members with an opportunity to talk with their state representatives and state senators about issues important to working families.


Striking workers converge on Red Cross headquarters

Northern Ohio Red Cross workers brought their anger and frustration to the agency's National Headquarters in Washington.


State workers' lobby day important for all workers

The immediate struggle for pay raises and collective bargainingis part of the larger, national context for democracy and progressive change.


UK's labor leader Bob Crow builds solidarity at the Left Labor Project

We believe the trade union movement is not just about what wages or what contract you get but about the social side: Decent transportation, affordable housing, a decent welfare state.


RWDSU launches campaign for NYC car wash workers after devastating report

RWDSU is launching a campaign to bring workers' rights - including the right to organize - to some 5,000 car wash workers in New York City.


Michigan working families: Protect collective bargaining

The initiative is a bold proposal to add an amendment to the Michigan constitution guaranteeing the right of every worker to collectively bargain.

Federal judge rules ban on project labor agreements unconstitutional

U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts ruled against Republican Gov. Rick Snyder, who signed the new law banning the agreements.

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