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May Day: Workers of the world unite for a better life!

"This is a day to protest against bad conditions for working people and join together to fight for a better world."

Health reform supporters take center stage

Much of the media continues to focus on details of the Obama administration’s health reform strategy, the role of a handful of senators who represent almost as many cows as people, and the bizarre tactics of right-wing extremists. But union members and their progressive allies are mobilizing to win real health care reform with a strong public plan option.

Unions go global to tell truth on British health service

A three-million strong global union has launched a campaign to counter lies being spread by some opponents of the White House's health reform plans. US rightwingers assert that US President Barack Obama's drive to guarantee affordable universal health-care amounts to a 'socialist' takeover of the private insurance industry.

Public option non-negotiable, says top labor leader

If Senate and House members vote against a public health insurance option they will lose the support of organized labor in the next elections, said AFL-CIO Secretary –Treasurer Richard Trumka on national television last night.

British National Health Service - The Truth!

Opponents to President Obama’s health care reform plan have circulated a number of serious lies and gross distortions about the UK’s National Health Service to defend their own interests and scupper plans that will help the 47 million Americans currently without healthcare cover.

Texas labor takes back Town Hall forums

The AFL-CIO reports that pro-reform activists are overcoming the extreme tactics employed by the health insurance industry during this August congressional recess. In North Texas, after initially being taken aback by shrill shouting tactics and threats of public violence, calm pro-reform activists are quietly making their point with double the turnout of those clinging to the status quo.

Trumka to Netroots Nation: Keep telling the truth

One of the highlights of Netroots Nation was last night’s stirring keynote address by AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Richard Trumka, who delivered a call to action to the netroots.

Thompson picks up endorsement of powerful NYC union

NEW YORK — In a development with big implications for New York’s mayoral race, AFSCME District Council 37 Executive Director Lillian Roberts announced the union’s decision to endorse Democrat Bill Thompson for mayor.

Labor seeks help from civil rights group

Richard Trumka, secretary-treasurer of the AFL-CIO, is urging the NAACP to help the labor movement organize workers – particularly African Americans – after the expected passage this year of the Employee Free Choice Act.

'The biggest fight between labor and capital since 1947'

PITTSBURGH - 'We are on the verge of passing the most important piece of legislation in 75 years - the Employee Free Choice Act,' AFL-CIO director of organizing Stewart Acuff told a packed panel discussion here at the national Netroots conference August 13.

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