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Citigroup uses taypayer dollars to fight workers rights

It seems that another bank on the public dole is using its taxpayer-subsidized time and resources to lobby against the Employee Free Choice Act.

California could lose billions for jobless, if lawmakers don't act quickly, labor warns

Simple changes in state legislation can bring billions in federal funds to bolster unemployment benefits, the California Labor Federation says. But speedy action is vital, with unemployment at 10.1 percent in California, and benefits for tens of thousands slated to run out in mid-April.


Workers welcome Free Choice Act

SAN FRANCISCO — “Celebration” was the watchword as over 250 unionists and supporters gathered for a noontime rally at the Federal Building March 9 to mark the impending introduction into Congress of the Employee Free Choice Act.

Some great films to watch this Womens History Month

“Erin Brockovich” “ (2000) Starring Julia Roberts, this is the true story of a single mother who lands a clerical job in a law firm, then stumbles upon a giant power company’s systematic cover-up of how its toxic emissions poisoned a town’s water supply.

Taking Employee Free Choice Act to the streets, media

CLEVELAND — Dozens of activists committed to workplace fairness and economic recovery gathered here March 7 for a three-hour speakers training session to promote the Employee Free Choice Act.

Jobs report worst since Great Depression

The United States is now facing levels of joblessness comparable to those of the Great Depression.

L.A. teachers facing mass layoffs

On Tuesday the Los Angeles Board of Education approved nearly 9,000 layoff notices for permanent elementary school teachers, probationary teachers, and some non-teaching personnel and administration officials.

Setting standards for green and good jobs

If the nation’s economy is to truly recover, the funds from President Obama’s economic recovery package—the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act—must be spent in ways that keep working families’ needs in mind and create a foundation for their future.


Dont disgrace Chicago, Congress Hotel workers tell tourism board

CHICAGO -- To its great shame, the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau still promotes the Congress Hotel despite a six-year strike that has garnered national attention and solidarity.


UPDATE Citigroup, AIG, on taxpayer dole, lead charge vs. worker rights

WASHINGTON — Organized labor hit the ground running March 10, bringing hundreds of workers to the capital to visit their senators and representatives to urge passage of the Employee Free Choice Act on the day it was introduced.

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