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Razorbacks rally for Employee Free Choice

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — I just happened to be visiting my cousins in Arkansas when I got word of a rally in Little Rock to support the Employee Free Choice Act. I rushed up to Central High School to join the rally.


'No justice, no pizza!' protestors tell Pizza Hut

CHICAGO -- “I have spent my whole life – since I was 17 years old – working at Pizza Hut. Instead of respecting my hard work, Pizza Hut has thrown me on the street with nothing,” said Leonidez Contreras, now 33 years old.

Dont mourn, organize!

Three things happened in the last few months that were not so good. “So what’s the big deal?” you ask, “Bad things always happen.” The big deal came after they happened. Explanation: ...

He taketh from the mine owners and he giveth to the miners

Joe Main got word this week from President Obama that he is the president’s pick for the job of director of the federal government’s Mine Safety and Health Administration.

Making it harder to shut down plants

A bipartisan group of legislators has introduced a bill to make it tougher for companies to pull the rug out from under workers by shutting down plants. They say that the country’s 21-year- old plant closing law is not doing the job.

The 60th Senator puts workers first

On his first day in office, July 7, Minnesota’s new Democratic senator, Al Franken, showed whose side he is on.

Quad City workers fight for owed benefits

Workers in Moline, Ill., filed charges with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) July 7 against their employer Quad City Die Casting because the company says Wells Fargo is not approving expenditures to pay for the workers owed benefits.

Faulty signal system may be source of DC Metro crash

The National Transportation Safety Board has not yet finished its investigation of the crash on the DC Metro which killed 9 people on June 22. But the outlines of a possible explanation are emerging.

Haitian and Dominican workers build solidarity

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic — A delegation of Haitian unionists met in Santo Domingo July 1-2 with unionists from the informal sector of the working people of the Dominican Republic.


Labor-backed think tank: Second big stimulus needed to ease worst crash since 1929

A top economist at the labor-backed Economic Policy Institute said today that this month’s jobless figures and other economic indicators show the “urgent need” for “a second stimulus package as large as or even bigger than” the $700 billion Economic Recovery Act passed in the opening weeks of the Obama administration.

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