Labor News


Today in labor history: First recorded strike in Egypt, maybe ever

On this day in the year 1170 BCE, the first recorded strike took place against the building of pyramids.


Today in labor history: Joe Hill ain’t never died

On this day, one hundred years ago, the legendary working-class troubadour Joe Hill was executed by a firing squad.


Today in labor history: 113-day strike against GM in 1945

The UAW organized 320,000 hourly workers in 96 plants to launch a nationwide strike against the GM corporation.


Today in labor history: The CIO is created in 1935

The creation of the Congress of Industrial Organizations was announced 80 years ago on this day.


Gateway Arch builders remember their accomplishment 50 years later

What they built was something special, and union workers are erecting a development to revitalize the surrounding area.


Who was Casey Jones? Hint: Not just a Joe Hill song

Jonathan Luther "John""Casey" Jones from Jackson, Tenn., was an American railroader who worked for the Illinois Central Railroad.


Radical roots of the great grape strike

Fifty years ago, the great grape strike started in Delano, when Filipino pickers walked out of the fields on September 8, 1965.


Teacher tenure serves the cause of progress

Tenure has played an important role in protecting educators when participating in their workplaces and communities.


Today in Latino history: Musician José Feliciano turns 70

Better known simply as José Feliciano, he is a virtuoso guitarist, singer, and composer renowned for many international hits.


Today in labor history: 50th anniversary of Grape Strike and Boycott

For the first time in American history, Chávez and the UFW decided to use a boycott in a major labor dispute.

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