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AFL-CIO president issues ringing call for immigrant rights

CLEVELAND - In a major policy statement, AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka said the denial of rights to millions of undocumented workers threatens all Americans.


Congress Hotel strikers join forces for immigration reform

The Congress Hotel workers enter their seventh year on strike -- the longest in American history.


Union provides hotline for Arizona travelers

If you are traveling to Arizona but worried about the state's new draconian racial profiling law, SEIU has some tips for you.


32 arrested at ICE offices, say immigration reform can't wait

CHICAGO - Saying comprehensive immigration reform could wait no longer, 32 labor, religious, and community leaders and an elected official were arrested after blocking Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices May 25.


Black trade unionists say no to Arizona hate law

DETROIT - Forty years ago the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists "woke up" the labor movement to the importance of struggles for justice and peace, and they aren't stopping yet.


New York reclaims May Day

The workers of the world united, literally, May 1 in a historic rally organized by the labor and immigrants' rights movements.


Labor takes the stage in immigration reform fight

Leaders of the AFL-CIO and Change to Win unions took part in the enormous March 21 immigration reform rally in Washington, arguing that fairer treatment of immigrant workers is essential to the struggle for all workers' rights.

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