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Sept. 9 Labor update

Trump trumped by NLRB, Minnesota nurses strike; Sorry, no thin mints at Schnuck's;  union 'lions and tigers and bears' and more.


Wendy’s grilled by farmworkers for not signing fair food pledge

For far too long farmworkers in the U.S. have faced abuse, along with racial discrimination and even wage theft.


Sign up for Labor’s election day of action this weekend!

On Sept. 10, local labor movements around the country will lead the largest national day of action this election cycle. 


Miners march on Congress to demand legislation to save pensions

Several big coal companies have also used federal bankruptcy law to escape from funding retirees' pensions through the per-ton tax on coal.


Minnesota: Allina health care intransigence forces open-ended nurses strike

A veteran of many contract campaigns said the recent talks were like nothing she had ever experienced at the bargaining table.


Legal experts: TPP’s secret ISDS trade court overrides labor law

A secret court included in the TPP, the Investor-State Dispute System, would have the power to throw out labor regulations.


Bosses threaten workers: Vote my way or else

About 25 percent of workers in a study report that their employers send them messages having nothing to do with work and everything to do with politics.


Five ways America would be different without labor unions

Hillary Clinton supports workers in the Fight for $15 and a union, fair scheduling, paid sick time, retirement security, workplace safety and benefit protection.


This week in labor

Workers take pulpit, housekeepers challenge Trump, global solidarity and more.


To rebuild unions, lobbying and organizing must go hand in hand

To win better lives and rebuild the union movement, workers must do two things at once: organize and lobby.

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