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Immokalee slavery case called 'beyond outrage'

In a federal case, five members of a family in Immokalee, Fla., pleaded guilty Sept. 2 to enslaving Mexican and Guatemalan farm workers for more than two years. Slavery in the United States has been banned for 130 years.


Ohio labor: 'Obama will be a great president'

Fired up by three days of powerful and rousing speeches, 1,000 delegates and guests at the Ohio AFL-CIO 26th biennial convention here fanned out to the far corners of the state to campaign for the presidential ticket of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Who are they trying to kid?

John McCain, while publicly distancing himself from President Bush, has presented an economic program that is a continuation of Bush’s policies. So an assessment of the administration’s record is in order.

Labor says enough to GOP sideshows

A united labor movement this week fired several shots aimed at drawing attention to real election issues that the Republicans want to bury with flimflam.

Workers continue Boeing shutdown, job security key issue

Boeing workers are prepared for a long strike to prevent their jobs from being outsourced as their shutdown of the nation’s largest airplane maker enters its fourth day.

The cruelty of modern-day slavery in U.S. farm fields

In a dehumanizing federal case, five members of the same family in Immokalee Fla. pleaded guilty Sept. 2 to enslaving Mexican and Guatemalan farmworkers for more than two years. Slavery in the U.S. has been banned for more than 130 years.

Agriprocessors Inc. faces union fight in Brooklyn warehouse

The Forward, America’s most influential Jewish newspaper, is running a story on immigration and labor issues at the Agriprocessors Brooklyn plant that reveals the Rubaskins likely were knowingly hiring illegal immigrants. In addition, a case involving union organization at the plant is being petitioned to the Supreme Court.

Thousands take back Labor Day at festival during GOP convention

Many of the thousands of young people gathered at Harriet Island in the Mississippi River in St. Paul, Minn., on Sept. 1 probably never heard of folk musician Woody Guthrie or labor organizer Joe Hill, but they cheered when musicians Steve Earle and Tom Morello evoked the memories of these labor icons at the 'Take Back Labor Day' Festival there during the GOP convention.


Its time for Doctor Obama

“We’re here to support Barack Obama and to speak on the issues facing working families especially the failing American dream and the failed policies of Bush and McCain.'

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