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Protests shake up Chicago Fire Dept.

CHICAGO – The city’s first African American fire commissioner in the 150-year history of the Chicago Fire Department (CFD) was appointed April 1 after weeks of mounting protest against a series of racist slurs on the CFD’s radio frequency.

Twin Cities bus drivers fight to save health care

A flurry of strike support activities marked the fifth week of the strike of 2,200 Minneapolis and St. Paul bus drivers, mechanics, and clerical workers.

Teachers and their union fight for public education

An interview with Chicago Teachers Union President Deborah Lynch The most important thing we can do to reverse NCLB is defeat Bush in November.

I didnt know I could be sold!

Workers’ Correspondence I am one of 150 employees of the Home Care Network of Chicago’s Rush Hospital who were literally sold March 23 to Patient Care, a giant for-profit home-care company with 6,000 employees nationwide.

Students demand justice for immigrant janitors

ST. LOUIS – Students at Washington University here are demanding the return of 36 Nicaraguan custodial and maintenance workers who were forced to leave the country after their contract with G&G Building Services was terminated in October 2003.

So, where did Wal-Mart come from?

An earlier column opened our continuing look into Wal-Mart’s pole vault from a one-store operation in 1962 to the world’s largest corporation.

AFL-CIO, workers say Show us the jobs

ST. LOUIS – Over 1,000 trade unionists, community activists, youth and students here kicked off the AFL-CIO’s “Show Us the Jobs” bus tour March 24.

GOP blocks vote to preserve overtime pay

WASHINGTON (PAI) – The average worker affected by the Bush administration’s new overtime regulations earns $51,000-$55,000 yearly, including overtime, or around $1,000 a week, according to the Economic Policy Institute. With overtime pay at a little more than one-fourth of the worker’s earnings, he or she would lose $256 weekly, EPI adds.

Health care piracy at Treasure Island

CHICAGO – Grocery workers at two local supermarket chains here are appealing to consumers to boycott their stores in support of their battle to hold on to health care and pension benefits.

Show us the jobs bus on eight state tour

Fifty-one people with 51 stories of their jobless dilemmas hit the road March 24 on an AFL-CIO-sponsored “Show us the jobs” bus tour.

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