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Panel: Discrimination, attacks on workers cause wage gap

Discrimination and repression of rights are factors in the wage gap between white and African-American workers.


Fighting for 15 at the presidential debate

"It was important that hundreds of people representing $15 and a union came out and that there was a sense of hooking that issue into the Presidential campaign."


Workers’ groups show candidates that supporting higher wages wins votes

"Voters are fed up with lack of action in Washington on raising wages for working people; letting voters know where the candidates stand on these issues can have a significant impact."


Five ways America would be different without labor unions

Hillary Clinton supports workers in the Fight for $15 and a union, fair scheduling, paid sick time, retirement security, workplace safety and benefit protection.


The fight for 15: Hold on, Baltimore’s coming!

Maryland may not see $15 for quite some time. But Baltimore Fight for $15 activists aren't waiting.


Exuberant after court win, Minn. $15 campaign charts course to victory

More than 100,000 Minneapolis workers - many of them women and people of color - would benefit from the $15 wage.


"Lakeland Ledger" newsroom staff vote to join News Guild-CWA

The staff hand-signed and posted an open letter saying they want to work for a quality newspaper, but the corporation mandated layoffs and unfilled positions.


Calif. grocery workers approve new contract with raises, retirement protections, improved scheduling

"This contract is a victory for our members, and secures their wages, retirement security, and control over their schedules."


Actors union lines up political support for Telemundo organizing drive

NBC-Universal owns Telemundo, but the unorganized actors don't get residuals or health care, guaranteed wage minimums or meal breaks. 


Connecticut low wage workers testify for $15 an hour

"I have seen firsthand over the decades the erosion of the middle class in my hometown of Bridgeport, as the income gap has widened more deeply here than almost anywhere else."

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