Labor News


Bosses threaten workers: Vote my way or else

About 25 percent of workers in a study report that their employers send them messages having nothing to do with work and everything to do with politics.


New poll: Trump is not as favored by union members as he says he is

Everyone knows that Trump likes to stretch the truth a little and the truth is that union members really don't like the idea of a Trump presidency.


To rebuild unions, lobbying and organizing must go hand in hand

To win better lives and rebuild the union movement, workers must do two things at once: organize and lobby.


Some 5,500 Pennsylvania college faculty set strike authorization vote

The votes come after fruitless talks with the colleges' management, who have demanded that adjunct professors at the schools take wage cuts.


Big Las Vegas Culinary Workers Local issues travel alert about Trump hotel there

Culinary Workers Local 226, stonewalled by management at Trump's Las Vegas hotel, has a new website with a travel alert, warning the travel industry about the struggle there.


The fight for 15: Hold on, Baltimore’s coming!

Maryland may not see $15 for quite some time. But Baltimore Fight for $15 activists aren't waiting.


Mine Workers to rally at U.S. Capitol for preserving pensions

Congress must live up to our nation's 70-year promise to retired miners and their widows.


Yale graduate teachers petition NLRB for union recognition

Gleeful graduate student workers at Yale University wasted no time in filing petitions with the NLRB for union certification following the long awaited decision to restore collective bargaining rights.


AFL-CIO Vice President Gebre: What does it mean to be American?

Tefere Gebre has been a proud union member for most of his life, valuing the freedom of people to come together in union.


Chicago teachers prepare for possible strike as students return to school

Chicagoans and union members worry about two major concerns: how the district will access more funds, and how equitably those funds will be spent.

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