Labor News


Potato chip boss to workers: “Screw you and your f**king union”

Supporters of the striking workers are being asked not to buy Covered Bridge chips until the company returns to negotiations.


Trumka takes on Trump

Richard  Trumka remarked, "We deserve better" than Donald Trump's racism.


Attorney: high court ruling could hurt all workers, union and non-union

A potential negative ruling in a pending U.S. Supreme Court case involving public workers and their unions could hurt all workers nationwide.


Firefighters gain allies in drive to ban toxic chemicals in furniture

"When toxic flame retardants burn - and they do burn - it creates a serious health risk for our members."


NLRB casting jaundiced eye against forced arbitrations

If you signed an employment contract in the past 15 years, you likely also signed away your rights to sue your employer if you get fired for bad reasons.


Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the TWU Local 100 transit strike

The biggest victory of the strike is it showed that organized working people can stand up to the forces who are trying to destroy their organization.


L.A. port truckers win again, misclassified as independent contractors

Eploited port truck drivers at the nation's largest cargo terminal, Los Angeles-Long Beach, won another round in their long fight for fair pay, job protections and the right to organize.


The revolutionary hope of Christmas

What does Christmas have to do with the class struggle? In a word - everything. 


Communications Workers endorse Sanders

"Sanders stands with working families against corporate greed, Wall Street, and the big banks, and we are going to help him." 


Labor meltdown: Elves threaten historic strike week before Christmas

"This is a new day here in the North Pole; no longer will we settle for the technologies and working conditions of last century!"

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