Labor News


Easter Rising 1916: Labor and the Irish independence struggle

An unexpected commotion disrupted routine in a busy city center on an April morning one hundred years ago. 


What’s the value of this man’s work?

His name is Kwaku Agyeman, and he has a job pushing wheelchairs for airport passengers who otherwise would have a hard time getting around.


Immokalee Farmworkers: Boycott Wendy's for human rights abuses

The coalition wrote Wendy's  a decade ago, saying the chain should pay decent wages and stop human rights abuses in the fields, following guidelines of the coalition's Fair Food Program.


Suffering the insufferable because of economic insecurity: Women in the economy

A large number of presenters addressed several aspects of the crisis of women's work today.


Layoffs continue as newspaper workers continue fight for fair wages, job security

"They've been treating the workforce like something they can just ignore."


This week in women’s history: Militant furriers strike successfully in 1926

Some 10,000 women workers in the needle trades, mostly Jewish and Italian, took to the New York City streets to demand higher wages.


Nation’s top labor leader calls Trump an “anti-American bigot”

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka challenged Donald Trump's appeal to working class voters.


U.S. Supreme Court upholds N.J. Gov. Christie’s worker pension cuts

Now, the future of public workers' pensions in New Jersey may well be up to the Garden State's voters.


Minnesotans lose millions through rampant wage theft

An investigation by Workday Minnesota found wage theft in Minnesota is larger and more widespread than most people realize - and the problem is growing.


“New York is a union town!” Bröd Kitchen workers fight back

Workers and activists flooded the sidewalk surrounding Bröd Kitchen's West Village location in response to its latest slew of retaliatory firings.

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