Labor News


Exploited Uber drivers organize with ATU

Taking matters into their own hands, exploited Uber drivers in NYC decided to improve their jobs and working conditions.


Panel: Discrimination, attacks on workers cause wage gap

Discrimination and repression of rights are factors in the wage gap between white and African-American workers.


Money bill dumps anti-worker schemes

"For approximately 12.5 million workers, this new regulation is the most effective way to raise wages, create jobs, and restore the 40-hour work week."


Steelworkers push infrastructure issue in 2016 elections

The USW has taken up the issue of rebuilding the nation's crumbling infrastructure as their central issue in the national elections.


NLRB ruling could strengthen the power of strikes

If the NLRB accepts a recommendation from its own general counsel, the right of workers to strike for better wages and conditions could be greatly strengthened.


Unions announce nationwide boycott of Trump hotels

"While Donald Trump wages an indefensible anti-worker and anti-immigrant presidential campaign, the workers at his Las Vegas hotel are fighting for dignity."


Fighting for 15 at the presidential debate

"It was important that hundreds of people representing $15 and a union came out and that there was a sense of hooking that issue into the Presidential campaign."


Connecticut workers battle Chartwells, the college food service company

Chants of "No Contract! No Peace!" spread throughout the campus last Saturday on a sunny fall afternoon.


Tale of two cities: “Yes” vs. “no” on fair work schedules

Not knowing when and for how long they will be at work makes it virtually impossible for workers to arrange for child care or have a good home life.


The Break Room: Who owns your time?

Having a work schedule you can depend on has joined raising the minimum wage as a winnable demand for America's millions of low-paid workers.

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