Venezuela’s revolution achieves social gains

For the people, a revolution makes a difference.


World Notes: Europe, Afghanistan, S. Korea, Cuba

Europe's attack on working class; Afghan police problems; anti-woman discrimination in S. Korea; Cuban health shakeup.


Big voter turnout in Iraq, undeterred by violence

Iraqi voters turned out heavily in Sunday's national elections, despite an upsurge of violence leading up to the balloting.


Memory, injustice, and the Cuban Five

Question: with legal remedies exhausted, will the Cuban Five be forgotten? Answer: Never, as long as Gerardo, Ramón, Antonio, Fernando and René are not free.


MTA public hearing in Brooklyn erupts in a fit of anger

A recent NY public hearing on proposed cuts to the city's transit system was the site of considerable rage, with angry protest by the many students on hand as well as a series of others who offered bristling testimony.


International Women's Day: Forged in the flames of struggle

A hundred years have passed since the International Women's Day was first conceived - which makes Monday especially important. Over the last 10 to 15 years many thousands of women worldwide have begun to recognize and celebrate the day. But it is unfortunate that that its origins are not more widely known given its truly inspirational history.


U.S. lawmakers denounce ongoing Honduras violence

Nine members of Congress have asked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to press Honduras to stop violent repression against supporters of overthrown president Manuel Zelaya.


Colombian court rejects Uribe third term

Could it be "the beginning of the end of the horrible night of Uribism"?


World Notes: S. Africa, Spain, E. Timor

No land for South Africa's black women, Spanish workers take a hit, Indonesian impunity still reverberates in East Timor.


Cameroon still paralyzed two years after riots

DOUALA, Cameroon -- Two years after speculation on the price of staple foods stoked the fires of social unrest, the country remains both economically and socially stricken.

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