Worker rights are key to economic recovery, union leaders say

ORLANDO, Fla. - The economy cannot truly recover unless the United States moves out of "the dark ages" in the area of workers' rights, top labor leaders said here this week.


Hotel workers to Hilton guests: ‘Check out!

Hundreds of hotel workers reminded guests and passers-by March 2 that their union is urging a customer boycott of the prestigious Hilton San Francisco Union Square hotel.

Republican tent narrows in Texas

The Texas primary election of March 2 revealed a continuing Republican shift to the right while Democrats positioned themselves as the "big tent" party of diversity for the general election in November.


Taking aim at Wall Street, labor launches Week of Action for jobs

The nation's labor movement will hold picket lines and rallies in front of banks and financial institutions in 200 cities March 15-20, under the banner "Good Jobs Now, Make Wall Street Pay."


Obama administration giving only verbal support for Employee Free Choice

Responses to questions to Labor Secretary Hilda Solis at a top labor meeting indicate that the White House is not actively pushing the Employee Free Choice Act.


Hearing investigates jobs crisis in Dallas

The North Texas Workers Rights Board, an adjunct of Jobs with Justice, held public hearings on the jobs crisis recently at Judge Luis Sepulveda's courtroom in Dallas.


Undaunted, labor builds a movement from the ground up

ORLANDO, Fla. - The labor movement this week chose a neighborhood reeling from the economic crisis as its launching pad for a national campaign for jobs.


AFL-CIO to merge politics, jobs campaigns

The AFL-CIO will integrate its political drive with its pro-jobs campaign this year, holding politicians accountable and refusing to support those who don't actually do something to help suffering workers, top leaders say.


Labor leaders express anger at Obama administration

In a closed-door meeting, union leaders expressed anger and frustration over what they say is the administration's lack of bold action on jobs, health care and labor law reform, and its support of mass firings of teachers.


5,000 protesters to Whirlpool: We’re tired of being treated like trash

EVANSVILLE, Ind. - Whirlpool is putting over 1,000 workers out on the street, but they and 5,000 other working Americans stood up and said they don't want to be knocked down anymore.

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