A modest essay on extraordinary paychecks

Every fourteen minutes in 2009, hedge fund manager David Tepper made President Obama's annual salary.


Mergers harm democracy

AT&T announced its intentions to buy T-Mobile. What is to be expected from such a mega-merger?


Financial dictator would rob Detroiters of their vote

The same financial power structure that ruined Detroit economically stands in the shadows as mouthpieces of money in the state government threaten the majority Black city.

Jobs and the 2012 election

The GOP has awakened a working-class giant, which is standing front and center and declaring proudly, "We are one nation."


Make Wall Street pay

A statewide coalition of union and community groups in Connectticut has formed to demand that Bank of America  contribute its fair share to the state's economy.


Deficit reality: Income inequality is the problem

Don't ask working people, employed or unemployed, who have few or no financial reserves, to solve the problem of exploding deficits.


Fight for public workers is about freedom

The rights of public workers and the services they provide is a part of the bigger fight for all workers to organize and win decent wages, working conditions, benefits and strong communities.


Public workers are US

Under the guise of "fiscal responsibility" the tea party GOP extreme right at both the federal and state level is wielding a two-edged sword aimed at the heart of the black and Latino community's economic life.


Time for working class to take a stand on taxes

The debate around tax policy is the right place for working class people to take a stand.