Reforming Wall Street is a job for the American people

One has to ask if Wall Street has learned anything at all. But then again: why would they?


Thousands converge on Chicago on first big day of protests

Thousands rallied and marched peacefully in downtown Chicago Saturday in the biggest protests so far against NATO, the relic of the cold war holding a May 20-21 summit here.


Orlando youth say “Zero tolerance for racism”

In the past few weeks, the public has been inundated with the report of American Front Nazis planning terrorist attacks on local government and leftist groups.


Voters may decide fate of Emergency Manager law

Attorneys representing Stand Up for Democracy, a broad coalition of labor and community groups, presented the case.


Orlando could be first in South to require paid sick time

Community activists kicked off a campaign for a ballot initiative that would require private employers to offer their workers up to seven days of paid sick leave.


Attention humans: Today is Endangered Species Day

Species that were once on the brink of extinction are showing significant progress towards recovery. And that means the human species has a better chance too.

Voter Empowerment Act introduced in House

House Democrats today introduced new voting rights legislation that would modernize voter registration while cracking down on disenfranchisement practices.


NATO week: Foreclosure protesters dump furniture at Citibank

Carrying furniture from a foreclosed home through the streets, protesters marched on Citibank and the Cook County Sheriff.


Chicago residents link NATO to neighborhood disasters

The city's huge Latino community linked what the military alliance is doing worldwide to the violence and foreclosures they face in their neighborhood.


Report from space: Earth in trouble

According to a message beamed from space, the demands humanity places on the Earth exceed its capabilities.

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