Spain's prime minister is banking on a failed past

Mariano Rajoy's promise went the same way as his pledges on not raising tax - in the shredder.


Key steps for a just and lasting Middle East peace

The most volatile tinderbox area of the world where the danger of war exists is the Middle East.


Austerity goes down to defeat in Europe

Voters rejected political parties that have pushed for austerity, and voted in lawmakers who campaigned for policies of economic stimulus and growth.


Radical Islamists push agenda in Mali

The West African country of Mali continues to be a source of worry, as radical Islamist rebels try to consolidate their hold on the North.


Bahrain struggle continues amid regional tensions

Dissidents continue to organize protests against the government of Bahrain, a Persian Gulf kingdom known for its large scale oil production.


Cypriots honor martyrs, continue unification fight

Cypriots marked the anniversary of the assassination of two Cypriot patriots - one of Turkish background and the other of Greek background.


Marcha Patriotica takes shape in Colombia

Marchers, 100,000 of them, filled the Plaza Bolivar in the Colombian capital, Bogotá.

Venezuela’s new labor law “first in transition to socialism”

The legislation reduces the work week to 40 hours and seeks to abolish private sub-contracted labor in the country.


Baghdad’s May Day march draws thousands

Thousands marched, waving red flags and raising banners with workers' and trade unionist demands.


In Germany, the Pirates making waves

Germany's energetic young party, the Pirates, held its party congress last weekend in the northern town of Neumünster. The media overflowed with reports, almost uniformly friendly.

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