Nurses score wins for unions and patients

Emphasizing that short-staffing harms patients, the National Nurses Union racked up a big contract win at the D.C. area's largest hospital, the Washington Hospital Center.

Asian Americans tackle job discrimination

Job discrimination is on the rise for Asian Americans, one of the fastest-growing minority group in the U.S., and now number 15 million nationwide.

Labor's use of giant rat deemed legal

The National Labor Relations Board recently ruled the giant inflatable rat used by the labor movement is legal, even at demonstrations in front of secondary employers.


Union helped hotel worker stand up to IMF chief

Several articles in the major media are discussing the high risk of sexual assault that housekeepers face in hotels. Sexual assault and harassment is rampant, maids are afraid to complain to management because of fear of losing their jobs and perpetrators think there is little chance they'll get caught.

Labor board sides with Red Cross workers

The Red Cross is trying to drive down the wages and benefits of its unionized workers.


Artists and screen actors take steps toward merging unions

The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and the Screen Actors Guild took a step toward merging when AFTRA's board of directors met today by videoconference in Los Angeles and New York.


Machinists, labor board official say Boeing broke law

Machinist workers are gathering allies as the battle grows over a top NLRB official's statement that Boeing broke labor law by moving aircraft production to anti-union South Carolina.

Who’s IKEA gonna call? Union busters!

While IKEA rails against unions as third-party outsiders, it already brought in its own third party, Jackson Lewis, the "mother" of all union-busters.


IKEA: Union-busting is “how American system works”

DANVILLE, Va. - IKEA is known round the world for being a fabulous employer but its first U.S. plant is a modern sweatshop with poverty wages, forced overtime and mandatory "educational meetings" for anyone who hints any interest in joining a union.


IKEA in Virginia: A modern sweatshop

"Your daughter gets sick. You take her to the hospital and turn in a doctor's note when you get back - one demerit. Death in the family, you stay home - one demerit."

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