Union helped hotel worker stand up to IMF chief

Several articles in the major media are discussing the high risk of sexual assault that housekeepers face in hotels. Sexual assault and harassment is rampant, maids are afraid to complain to management because of fear of losing their jobs and perpetrators think there is little chance they'll get caught.

Unions not behind Wisconsin boycott

"If we had a boycott, trust me, we would be shouting it from the rooftops," noted Sheila Cochran, chief operating officer of the Milwaukee Labor Council.


Is your paycheck correct? There's an app for that!

The U.S. Department of Labor launched a new application for smart-phone users that aims to  empower workers to stand up for their rights if employers deny them their hard-earned pay.


Elizabeth Gurley Flynn to be inducted into labor hall of fame

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, along with Victor Reuther, will be inducted into Labor's International Hall of Fame on May 17 in Washington, D.C.

Who’s IKEA gonna call? Union busters!

While IKEA rails against unions as third-party outsiders, it already brought in its own third party, Jackson Lewis, the "mother" of all union-busters.


IKEA: Union-busting is “how American system works”

DANVILLE, Va. - IKEA is known round the world for being a fabulous employer but its first U.S. plant is a modern sweatshop with poverty wages, forced overtime and mandatory "educational meetings" for anyone who hints any interest in joining a union.


IKEA in Virginia: A modern sweatshop

"Your daughter gets sick. You take her to the hospital and turn in a doctor's note when you get back - one demerit. Death in the family, you stay home - one demerit."


Wisconsin union battle moves to … Massachusetts?

The overwhelmingly Democratic Massachusetts state House passed a bill that would limit the right of public employees to collectively bargain for their health care.


Sweeney, prominent bishop challenge Catholic Church on action for workers

Retired AFL-CIO President John Sweeney, one of the Catholic Church's most prominent laymen, and a bishop are challenging their church to live up to its own ideals on workers' rights.


Ohio labor launches petition drive to repeal anti-labor bill

Thousands of volunteers are fanning out across Ohio circulating petitions to repeal Senate Bill 5, a measure stripping collective bargaining rights from over 350,000 public employees.

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