Labor law turned inside out?

WASHINGTON (PAI) - U.S. labor law "has been turned inside out, protecting the powerful rather than the powerless" in the 75 years since the National Labor Relations Act was enacted, a top labor historian says.


Labor board seeks quick action to stop firing of union organizers

Five companies, ranging from a private school in Portland, Ore., Kaiser Permanente, were issued injunctions forcing them to stop illegally firing workers trying to form unions.


Labor, hip hop forge vote alliance

In the latest move to activate the youth vote American Rights at Work and Respect my Vote! 2010 have teamed up on a video and photo campaign.


New report highlights wage theft, bad working conditions

The San Francisco-based Chinese Progressive Association last month released a far-reaching report on the problems faced by restaurant workers in  Chinatown.


America’s new sweatshop: warehouse work

A new report paints a picture of exploitation of a mostly minority labor force in the logistics field.


Labor intensifies outreach to Y generation

The AFL-CIO is stepping up a program it hopes will eventually bring the Y generation into the labor movement.


Labor takes on racism in GOP "Pledge"

The Republican Party's platform for the mid-term elections, its "Pledge to America," has a sharply racist edge.


School custodians march against privatization

Over 200 municipal workers marched and rallied at City Hall Tuesday to protest proposed privatization of school custodial services.

Workers shut down biggest East Coast port

Longshore workers were proud of solidarity actions they took - which shut down the East Coast's biggest port - by refusing to cross the picket lines their brother and sister workers from Philadelphia set up

Cabin pressure rises at Delta as union vote begins

Thursday, September 30, when union voting began, marked a glimmer of hope in the lives of 21,000 flight attendants at Delta Airlines, even though many of them may not see it.

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