Immigration compromise bill is a fraud

When the Senate adjourned without acting on immigration legislation on April 7, the so-called Hagel-Martinez compromise bill was left hanging. Some supporters of immigrant rights saw this as a setback.

Causes of the current oil price shocks

The imperial policies and relationships of the U.S. and British governments and the blatant incompetence of the Bush Department of Homeland Security account for the lion’s share of oil supply shortages.

Senate Republicans feel street heat

The massive immigrant rights demonstrations, work stoppages, boycotts and voter registration efforts, embraced by millions of immigrants and their supporters from coast to coast May 1, have sent a powerful message to Congress: We are Americans who deserve rights and respect, not repression!


Military intervention is no answer for Darfur

After a lull lasting more than a year, the corporate press is, once again, zeroing in on the situation in Sudan’s Darfur region. This sudden attention corresponds with a drive to build a national political movement against the Sudanese government and in favor of U.S. military intervention in Africa’s biggest country.

EDITORIAL: May Day, now more than ever

Ever since 1890, May Day has celebrated the unity and fighting spirit of working people around the world. This year more than in many decades, workers in the U.S. will be in the streets May Day, inspired by the rising struggle for immigrant rights.

Immigrant rights forces keep up the heat

The continuing mass upsurge for immigrant rights, with hundreds of May 1 demonstrations being organized nationwide, drew a reaction from the Bush administration last week. Nationwide raids by the Department of Homeland Security on April 19-20 were followed by presidential pro-immigrant rhetoric and meetings to broker a compromise Senate immigration bill.


EDITORIAL: Happy birthday, Lenin

More than 60 years ago, the African American poet Langston Hughes wrote, “Lenin walks around the world, Frontiers cannot bar him … Lenin walks around the world, Black, brown and white receive him.”

EDITORIAL: A decent future for Palestine

The European Union’s decision to join the U.S. and Canada in halting funding to the Palestinian National Authority is greatly sharpening the ongoing crisis Palestinian people face in the Occupied Territories.

Bush administration wounded, yet more dangerous

Everybody seems to agree that the Bush administration has lost much of its political support. No longer does it speak with the same authority. But it is not yet on its deathbed. In fact, there is no evidence that it is ready to make even a tactical retreat.

Ruin, rubble & race: Lessons on the centennial of the Great San Francisco Earthquake & Fire of 1906

It’s as if the spotlight that Hurricane Katrina cast on the inequities of disaster relief never happened.

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