Time to build a new mass movement for a peace economy

It’s hard to overestimate the change Nov. 4 has brought in its wake. We have entered a new era, with a new political dynamic calling for new tactics to advance the agenda shaped in the course of the campaign to elect Barack Obama.

EDITORIAL: Hope, change for Iraq and beyond

In spite of himself, George W. Bush has been forced to start extricating the U.S. from the Iraq war nightmare, a process President-elect Obama has promised to complete. A total U.S. withdrawal from Iraq can mark the first step in the Obama administration’s turn away from perpetual war and toward diplomacy and cooperation in U.S. foreign policy.

Making sense of the senseless, Mumbai and its implications

Voraciously reading through Indian news sites (The Hindu, Times of India, The Hindustan), political and social sites, especially Twitter, I’m trying to makes sense of the seemingly senseless invasion of India’s financial and cultural capital, Mumbai. The world has responded with condolences for the families of the victims, the residents of Mumbai and the condemnation of the attack. This website included.

OPINION: A fitting end to a failed presidency

In less than two months, George W. Bush will leave the White House and officially turn the reins of government over to Barack Obama. At that time, President-elect Obama will become President Obama, and Bush will return to his Texas ranch as a private citizen.

A preliminary look at Venezuelas elections

While many of both the foreign and domestic opposition to Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez were working overtime to give him and the Bolivarian Revolution that he leads a death blow, the president's political party, the United Socialist Party (PSUV), got the overwhelming majority of votes in the country’s regional elections. The PSUV won the governor's office in 17 out of 22 states. However, the opposition won four more governorships as well as the Federal District in the Nov. 23 elections for a total of six.

OPINION: Obamas mandate for change

In the aftermath of a truly historic election, the right wing and its long-time allies have been trying to regroup and get a handle on just exactly what happened. Right-wing radio talk show hosts, after calling Obama every conceivable name and claiming that his victory would mean an end to civilization, are now contending that he “has no mandate to govern.”

Iraq-U.S. pact sets end to occupation

Iraq’s Parliament is expected to vote Nov. 24 on an Iraq-U.S. agreement that sets a fixed 2011 end-date for withdrawal of all U.S. troops, with no exceptions or extensions.

EDITORIAL: A different Thanksgiving

As the U.S. celebrates Thanksgiving this year, the day is passing like many others for billions of people around the world. In India, women with children and husbands (some of whom have already worked themselves to death) toil barefoot and, with their bare hands, haul heavy loads of dirt at construction sites. They earn less than $2.50 per day.

EDITORIAL: First YouTube president

Over 4 million people are expected to descend on Washington’s Mall in January to celebrate President Obama’s inauguration, in what will surely be the largest gathering in U.S. history. As Obama said on election night: “Change has come to America.”

LETTERS: November 22

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