We must incriminate the basic rules of capitalism: An interview with Paul Boccara

Communist economist Paul Boccara has just published a book about the transformations and the crisis of global capitalism, in which he deals with the financial crisis, among other topics. Paul Boccara puts forward proposals to initiate emancipation from this 'gone mad' system.

Editorial: April 4 March on Wall Street

Last fall, Congress approved $770 billion to stave off financial collapse, to free up credit, to staunch the hemorrhage of layoffs and foreclosures. But the layoffs and foreclosures have gotten worse. The nation’s economy continues to plummet. What happened?

AIG: It's obscene

Gregory Robinson is dead. Shot in a car. He threw himself on a baby in the back seat while the gun fired from an unknown assailant. He was only 14. His family said he died a hero. He’s the 28th Chicago Public School student to be killed by gun fire this school year.

A cure for todays Black depression

We knew that 2009 would be a historic year, with the inauguration of the first African American president and the deepening of what is likely to be the most serious fiscal crisis since the Great Depression.

COMMENTARY Denial is more than a river: The anti-immigration lobby exposed

The Southern Poverty Law Center released a bombshell of a report last month entitled “The Nativist Lobby, Three Faces of Intolerance.” The report is a bombshell because it ties three leading “immigration reduction” groups to a single founder with racist and extremist views: John Tanton. It rips off any mainstream façade these groups have carefully created.

The anguish of developed capitalism

Prensa Latina -- Last Monday the 9th, like all the rest, was a marvelous day of contradictions for developed capitalism in the midst of its incurable crisis.

Editorial: The battle over health care

The White House health care reform summit March 5 set a new tone and scope for the struggle to fix our broken system.

COMMENTARY: The battle for science continues

The 200th anniversary of the birth of British naturalist Charles Darwin, together with the upcoming 150th anniversary of his book “The Origin of the Species” has motivated more interest in the Theory of Evolution. It’s also highlighted the need for more science education.


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Over 2 hours of TV daily raises asthma risk in kids

Young children who watch lots of television each day could be at risk of developing asthma, according to a study published yesterday.

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