Gun madness, solutions and people’s movements

Hundreds huddled in the rain struggling to keep their candles lit as the bells peeled 26 times. It should have been 28 times.


Ten of the worst things said in 2012

Sometimes the quotes are bad because they are stupid, sometimes because they are wicked, and sometimes because they are just incomprehensible.


10 favorite food websites in 2012

All things relating to the food we eat: where is comes from, who does the work, what are the issues and what we can do to be informed and take action.


Global capitalism: The gift that keeps on taking

What should we be teaching people, most especially the youth about the holiday season?


Is Syria situation spinning out of control?

The news from Syria is not good.


Profits are driving force behind gun epidemic

Bushmaster, manufacturer of the semi-automatic rifle used to kill 20 small children and six teachers, is a multi-million-dollar firm.


The fiscal cliff and odd bedfellows

If we are to believe the leaks on the deal being cut for the fiscal cliff, it appears that Obama's agenda was narrow-restore fiscal sanity by upping the tax rates on very high earners.


Guns, profits and Sandy Hook

Unless there is a sustained public movement to curb guns as a source of profit, the corporate profit drive will continue to push guns and oppose common sense regulations just to make money.


Systemic violence and mass shootings

While we mourn the victims of the heinous shootings in Newtown, Conn., it is important to pause for a moment to reflect on what this violence means.


Hostess "betrayal": the case of the missing wages

The Wall Street Journal tells the story of how Hostess Brands, Inc., took its workers wages and used them to cover its own expenses.

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