Letters: Deliver mail, not fighter jets and more

Deliver mail, not fighter jets William Pomeroy On diplomacy ‘Cadillac Records’ review Fair treatment on immigration

Peanut butter crisis

Once again the Bush-stacked and -stymied Food and Drug Administration is asleep on the job in its duty to protect the people from poisoned foods and drugs. Salmonella-tainted peanut butter produced by Georgia-based Peanut Corporation of America has killed eight people and sickened 19,000, a majority of them children, in 43 states.

People Before Profits: Falling off a cliff

Last September, employment in the United States fell off a cliff. It is still falling. The economy had been losing jobs since the beginning of 2008, and the pace has been accelerating since the summer. Over the last three months, 1.8 million jobs were lost. That's an annual rate of 5 percent, the worst since 1975. Just under 3 million jobs were lost in all of 2008, but we are on track to beat that before June of this year.

Lincoln and Darwin: Bicentennial for two great emancipators

Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator, has been much on our minds recently as Barack Obama moved into the White House. Exactly 200 years after Lincoln’s birth, Obama’s presidency is one fulfillment of the work Lincoln started.

Not just a few rotten apples

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart and other commentators have been having a field day with John Thain.


A day to remember: The inauguration of the 44th President of the United States of America

It was a day to remember. The two million people, who showed up in Washington on Jan. 20, constituted a most important demonstration of the 21st century and symbolized the start of a new era in our country and perhaps the world.

Editorial: Time for a change on Cuba

Among the new opportunities that the election of a new president and Congress brings us is to end once and for all the vicious U.S. economic blockade and travel ban imposed on Cuba nearly 50 years ago.

Editorial: Peoples business cant wait

President-elect Obama’s now oft-repeated refrain that “the people’s business can’t wait” is becoming more obvious every day.

People before Profits: 2009 forecast -- sunshine or hurricane?

The economic outcomes of 2009 for working people, one year from now, is in the hands of the acutest political struggle emerging over how exactly government should intervene in the U.S. economy to avert a depression? How much more, or what different kinds of, intervention will be required for recovery? And, what is recovery?


OPINION: Guns, butter, and Obama

Over the next several months there will be a battle for hearts and minds, but not in Iraq or Afghanistan. The war will be here at home, waged mostly in the halls of Congress, where grim lobbyists for one of the top 15 economies in the world are digging in to preserve their stake in the massive U.S. military budget.

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