Announcing the P.U.-litzer Prizes for 2002

For more than a decade now, the P.U.-litzer Prizes have gone to some of America’s stinkiest media performances each year. The competition was fierce as ever in 2002. Many journalistic pieces of work deserved recognition. Only a few could be chosen.

An Iraq war will cost us more than blood

Opinion As the Bush administration prepares for war in Iraq, the American people should demand a complete assessment of the costs of the war-which go beyond potential military and civilian casualties.

A new standard for U.S. foreign policy

News Analysis “U.S. ASSAILS NORTH KOREA,” screamed the headlines of The New York Times a week ago when the North Korean government announced its decision to withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Lobby takes control of Texas government

Opinion The headline over a recent article in the Economist proclaimed: “The Future is Texas: If you want to know where America is heading, start by studying the Lone Star State.” It went on to gush about the state’s “incredible ability to make something out of nothing,” its “openness,” (?) and its “creativity.”

United, we can win

Opinion As we celebrate the birthday of the Rev. Martin Luther King this week, tens of thousands of U.S. troops are being deployed to the Persian Gulf for war on Iraq and our country is rocked by an economic and civil liberties crisis.

Zionism what it does and does not mean

Opinion Emile Schepers’ Nov. 16 column about the relationship of Zionism and anti-Semitism presented some useful history that stopped just before the founding of Israel under a UN resolution the Soviet Union sponsored in 1947.

Looking at the past and fighting for the future

Opinion Fortunately for me, my strength to survive is derived from my knowledge of dialectical materialism. Dialectical materialism has proven time and again that when the chips are down, historical events and movements make history turn things around.

Global warming: Smog belches from Bush administration

The New Year began with environmentalists pressing two separate lawsuits charging the Bush administration with gutting the Clean Air Act and pushing policies that have accelerated global warming that poses a long term threat to life on earth.

The budget First congressional battle

The federal government has been operating on stop-gap spending measures ever since Oct. 1 because the House and Senate could not agree on a budget for fiscal year 2003. Instead, Congress passed several “continuing resolutions” that extended 2002 spending levels to Jan. 11, 2003.

Media again duped by Pentagon

The Federation of American Scientists has pointed to a startling revelation by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld that mainstream media have missed: In remarks during a recent press briefing, Rumsfeld suggested that though the controversial Office of Strategic Influence (OSI) no longer exists in name, its programs are still being carried out.

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