African nations show unity at Lisbon summit

African leaders displayed an exceptional degree of unity at the European-African summit held in Lisbon, Portugal, on Dec. 8-9. The trade issues, which prompted the first meeting of its kind in seven years, were overshadowed by European attempts to prevent the participation of Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe.

Chilean general speaks of dirty deeds

Like a terrible figure from a recurring nightmare, former Chilean Gen. Juan Manuel Contreras has once again thrust himself into the limelight of U.S.-South America relations.

On the road again: Challenges and opportunities in the 2008 elections

Not every struggle carries the same political significance. Some leave little trace on the political landscape; others rearrange it extensively.

French youth revolt spotlights deep inequities

PARIS — Two years have passed since the “insurrection of the suburbs” of working-class and immigrant youth in this city’s impoverished outskirts. The violent rebellion of 2005, which included young people setting fire to thousands of automobiles and engaging in street battles with the police, transfixed the nation for nearly three weeks.

Who is Ron Paul?

It is relatively easy to see why far-right presidential candidate Ron Paul of Texas is driving some of the other Republicans crazy. He clearly won the straw poll after their first debate.

Communists call for ouster of far right

NEW YORK — Members of the Communist Party USA national committee meeting here Nov. 10 heard Sam Webb, the party’s chairman, say that “in the struggle against the ultra-right we are at the cusp of a political conjuncture which could shift things in favor of the working class.” After “a quarter century of domination,” he said, the right is finally losing momentum.

Unite against racism

Racist provocations and violence are on the rise and a cause for great concern. Racism represents a grave danger to our nation.

Circular migration of labor: a global corporate trend

The defeat of the Senate’s flawed comprehensive immigration bill last spring and the Bush administration’s escalating of factory and neighborhood raids, deportations and militarization of the border are largely blamed on right-wing forces who see legalization and a path to citizenship for undocumented workers as unacceptable amnesty.

Global climate change is a working-class issue

The 60th Annual United Nations Nongovernmental Organization (NGO) Conference took place at the UN headquarters in New York in early September. The conference focused on climate change as one of the key issues facing the world


Zones of conflict: challenge to African unity

There is a new danger plaguing Africa: zones of conflict are expanding into regional wars that take an ever-increasing human toll.

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