Editorial: Some questions for the GOP

Fifteen thousand members of the press are covering the historic events at the Democratic Party convention in Denver. Next week the same number will cover the Republican convention in the Twin Cities. After Denver, many of them may wonder how to cover the smaller, less exciting event.


August 28, then and now

I remember as if it were yesterday walking across the Capitol Mall on Aug. 28, 1963, in sweltering heat, one of hundreds of thousands, Black and white, holding hands with courage and dignity to usher in a new day in our country.

A Desire Named Streetcar

As U.S. working people try to cope with job losses, housing foreclosures and evictions, runs on banks, and pain at the gasoline pump, they face one more: the crisis of mass transit.

Letters - August 16, 2008

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Health care: truths and struggles

In September 2004, this newspaper issued a pamphlet called “Medicare For All! A Guide to Single Payer National Health Insurance.” It explained what “single-payer” is and why so many organizations, health professionals and politicians see it as a necessary program to fulfill the critical health care needs of millions of Americans.


Elections 08: embracing the moment

The expected presidential nomination of Barack Obama is a path breaking and historic achievement from many standpoints, not least the struggle for equality and against racism. Obama’s nomination leaves an enduring mark on every aspect of our nation’s culture – a culture steeped both in racism and anti-racism.

Letters: August 2

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Editorial: McCains gaffes:Uncovering the cover-up

In a recent interview with CBS anchorperson Katie Couric, Republican presidential contender John McCain blasted Barack Obama for opposing the surge in Iraq. McCain claimed the deployment of more U.S. troops gave rise to the “Anbar Awakening” in which Sunni Muslims turned against al-Qaeda terrorists. But the Anbar Awakening began Sept. 26, 2006. That was more than three months before President Bush even announced the surge on Jan. 10, 2007.


Editorial: Celebrate the Olympic Games

Hundreds of nations will participate in the 2008 Olympics, many of whom are in conflict, even at war with each other. All will be part of a single, peaceful event. Politics and the Olympics have always been intertwined. This year, the Olympics will also take place in a political context.

Obama in Berlin

I attended the big rally with Barack Obama here, July 24, not as a press representative but as one of the crowd. And what a giant crowd it was! The news reports counted “over 200,000” but to someone sandwiched in so tight I could hardly lift my hand to scratch my itching nose, much less applaud, it seemed like a million! The predictions had been for “anywhere between 10,000 and 100,000” and the official start was at 7, so I stupidly arrived at 6.30, too late to find anything but a tiny spot to stand on (when the pushing ceased), so far back from the monument where Obama spoke that I couldn’t even see the big screen. I saw only the heads and backs of those in front of me.

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