Learning from Canada

Opinion I lived in Manitoba, Canada, for 10 years and traveled extensively across Canada. In Montreal I was taken by a group of trade unionists to a monument erected to the memory of Dr. Norman Bethune, a member of the Communist Party of Canada who is widely regarded as having given the initial direction and leadership that eventually led to the establishment of Canada’s present excellent health care system.

Northern Ireland Racism spiraling out of control

News Analysis “Race crime shock – attacks now averaging nearly one a day.” This front-page headline in the Belfast Telegraph sent shivers down many observers’ spines last month.

Letter from Brazil: One year of Lula

It is one year since Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the former metalworker and leader of Brazil’s left-wing Workers Party, was elected president of the country. I am in Rio de Janeiro, trying to find out what the people think about the country today and the president after his first year in office.

Bush's new educational eugenics

Go ahead, George, and lie to me. Lie to my dog. Lie to my sister. But don’t you ever lie to my kids.

Farmers cant live on stoicism alone

Opinion One of the most enduring figures in American culture is the farmer as Rugged Individualist – sturdy, sunburned, standing proudly in fields among bounteous crops or herds.

Washington, not Miami, calls the shots on Cuba

Opinion On Oct. 10, 2003, George W. Bush gave a Rose Garden rundown of a hard-line position on Cuba made even harder. It’s election time, and the prevailing wisdom is that the president is currying favor with right-wing Cubans in Miami so that, if need be, Florida can once again be used to select a president.

2003s stinkiest media performances

Opinion The P.U.-litzer Prizes were established more than a decade ago to give recognition to the stinkiest media performances of the year.

The raid on civil rights at Goose Creek

Opinion Suppose the police in one community staged, with guns drawn, a drug raid at a high school and rounded up more than one hundred students to search and arrest – but found no drugs.

Enola Gay: the Smithsonian edits history

Opinion The Enola Gay, the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945 – a marvel of technology? A worthy subject for a historical exhibit, rather like Disneyland’s Robot Lincoln? The Smithsonian Institution’s Air and Space Museum seems to think so.

A fairy tale

Opinion All right, children, sit still while I tell you a fairy tale, one with heroic heroes, evil villains, and an unbelievably happy ending.

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