LETTERS: August 23

Georgia-Russia-South Ossetia Meeting sisters and brothers for change War

Editorial: The Paris Hilton compromise

In her response to John McCain’s use of her name and image to attack Barack Obama in a recent TV ad, Paris Hilton proposed an interesting energy policy: combine new offshore oil drilling with serious investment in clean energy alternatives like plug-in hybrids and wind and solar power. Apparently when Paris talks, people listen. A remarkably similar bipartisan bill is making its way through the Senate right now.

Editorial: Some questions for the GOP

Fifteen thousand members of the press are covering the historic events at the Democratic Party convention in Denver. Next week the same number will cover the Republican convention in the Twin Cities. After Denver, many of them may wonder how to cover the smaller, less exciting event.


August 28, then and now

I remember as if it were yesterday walking across the Capitol Mall on Aug. 28, 1963, in sweltering heat, one of hundreds of thousands, Black and white, holding hands with courage and dignity to usher in a new day in our country.